Willi Idea competition

Do you have ideas and competence?
Take part in the Willi Idea business idea competition.

Willi Idea competition 2016

Willi Idea is a competition for people in South Karelia. The competition looks for new high competence and international potential business ideas which are implementable in South Karelia. The competition is open to all private individuals and business enterprises studying or operating in South Karelia.

Why participate?

  • Finalists will receive publicity for their ideas
  • Before the final, finalists will receive personal coaching on how to present their business idea
  • Finalists will have a chance to present their business idea to financers and the public
  • The final provides an excellent learning experience
  • The grand prize of the competition is 10 000 euros of development money for Your idea
  • Apple MacBook will be drawn among the accepted student ideas as one of the additional prizes
  • All prizes are shown here

How to take part?

  • Submit an electronic competition form between 5 September and 9 October 2016
  • You can leave your idea in Finnish or in English.
  • Prepare your application with care. The form cannot be edited after submission.
  • Focus on presenting your business idea, not on technology.
  • Detailed rules and instruction for the competition are available here

Schedule of the competition

5.9.2016 The competition begins.
9.10.2016 The competition period ends.
20.10.2016 The finalists, max. five chosen by a preliminary jury, will be announced.
8-9.11.2016 Training for the finalists on how to fine-tune their presentation for the business idea.
16.11.2016 The final where the ideas are presented to the jury; the winner is chosen and the prize is awarded.


The competition period ended 10/9/2016. Thank you for participants!
The competition Final will be held 16/11/2016. Stay tuned!


The purpose of the Willi Idea business idea competition is to find individuals or businesses whose business idea has a chance to develop into a business operation in South Karelia. It also encourages entrepreneurs and private individuals to refine their ideas into business operations.

The competition is arranged by Wirma Lappeenranta Oy, the Imatra Region Development Company and Lappeenranta University of Technology, as part of the StartupMill project which receives funding from the Häme ELY Center.