Does your competence-based business idea need refining before commercialisation? With our professional skills, we will help you through the initial pitfalls. We will refine the new business idea with you and coach you on matters related to the organisation and funding of your enterprise. You will also receive guidance and training on how to test your business idea, how to turn it into a product and sell it, and help on intellectual property rights (IPR). During the refining process, we help create a business and financial plan for the idea as well as a basis for the success and growth of the new company. Our goal is that, in approximately six months, your idea will be hatched into a business that is ready for launch.

As a Start customer, you can take part in the following coaching events tailored for your team:

  • Crystallizing an idea into a business operation
  • The planning and opportunities for financing your enterprise as well as the constraints
  • IPR strategy
  • Partner agreements
  • The legal contracts, commitments and responsibilities of a start-up company
  • Selling efforts, sales development, and marketing

Do not hesitate to contact us; let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!